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All About Landing/Post Landing in Canada as a PR

If you are thinking about becoming a permanent resident in Canada or if you have already received your permanent residency and haven’t moved to Canada yet, you may be confused about what to do first. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t know what to do, that is why we are here to help! This blog will answer many questions that other permanent residents have asked in the past to keep your mind at ease while you make the move.

Can I Land in Any City?

One of the biggest questions that immigrants have is if they can land in a different city than what is outlined on their application. If you have your Visa in place, you will be able to land in any city in Canada to get processed, except if that city is in Quebec. When you land, you will need to go to the POE and satisfy the office that your entry is permissible. You will also need to fill out certain forms, like the PR Card Form, to let them know where to send your PR card.

If you are not assigned to Quebec, you cannot go to a Quebec POE because they require a CSQ certificate to complete the process. If you are a Quebec PR applicant, however, you are allowed to land in any Canadian POE to get processed.

When Should I Land?

When you get your PR Visa, you are required to complete the record of landing before your Visa expires (your expiry date will be on the front of your Visa). The expiry date will be determined by either a year from the meds or when you or your dependents’ passport expires.

What is the process at the POE?

No matter which city you land in, the process is the same and it is quite simple. While on the airplane, you will be handed a disembarkation form that you will take to passport control. When you are at the passport control, you will need to tell the immigration officer that you are there to do your landing. They will check your disembarkation card plus your passport and Visa. Once approved, they will send you over to the newly landed immigrants counter.

When you get to the immigration counter, an immigration officer will fill out some of the COPR and ask you to sign it, then attach it to your passport. You will then be asked to fill out where you want your PR card to be sent to and they will deliver it to that address within six weeks.

Once that is processed, you will then be directed to the services Canada office where you can get information about how to properly settle in Canada. From there you will go to the customs office where you will present a list of items that you have brought, a list of goods that will soon follow, and your currency declaration.

What Forms will I need when I Land?

Even if you are staying in Canada for only a day, you will need the following items:

  • Stamped Visa and passport
  • COPR
  • POF
  • Passport size photos
  • PR Card Application
  • Goods accompanying list
  • Goods to follow list
  • SIN card application form
  • Children immunization record

There you have it! If you have any additional questions about these topics or if you have any other questions about immigrating to Canada, feel free to contact us Taraz Services; we are happy to help!