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Benefits of studying in Canada

Studying abroad in Canada can be a great opportunity to not only experience a new culture and education system, but also to help work towards getting your permanent resident status. Canada offers a lot of different programs for people who are looking to study abroad that will help them learn more about Canadian culture and get a great education at the same time. Here are a few reasons why you should heavily consider pursuing an education in Canada.

Quality Education

Canada is the home of many top-rated schools that are prestigious all around the world. Many of those schools pride themselves on offering flexible and accommodating schedules for foreign exchange students so they can feel comfortable in their new country. The classes and professors they provide are some of the best around the world which helps the students find a successful and satisfying career.

Affordable Education

One of the best reasons to consider studying abroad in Canada is their affordable education options. Compared to other western countries, Canada is among one of the least expensive education programs that you can find. Although some courses will cost more than others, the general courses will be less of a burden financially compared to other major countries.

Multicultural Society

Canada is a very accepting society for people from all cultures around the world! Most universities in Canada has an international student advisory that can help you join different ethnic clubs or associations and most cities feature restaurants that serve food from all parts of the earth.

Possibility of Immigration

When you study abroad in Canada, you also gain better options for immigrating if that is something you want to do. When you graduate from a Canadian university, you get points for a permanent residency. If you work during your time studying in Canada, it will also go a long way in helping you apply to become a permanent resident.

Internationally Recognized

When you obtain a degree or diploma from a Canadian university, it’s generally recognized as being on the same level of getting the same degree or diploma from other first world countries. For example, Canada has four of the top 50 engineering and technology schools in the world; the schools are the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University and University of British Columbia.

Campus Lifestyle

When you come to Canada to study, it won’t only be about the homework. Most schools offer a wide range of recreational sports and different clubs that suit your interests. A lot of campuses also feature concert halls, amphitheatres, art galleries, and Olympic quality sports facilities to blow off steam after a long day of studying.

Reasonable Expenses

The cost of education isn’t all that you have to worry about in terms of your finances. You have to also pay for residency, food, public transport or a car, and other small amenities like laundry and a gym pass. Canada is on par with living expenses compared to other countries like Australia, Britain, and the States.