CERB, Replaced by New Benefits.

Temporary foreign workers an international students may also apply for CERB as long as they meet the same criteria as Canadian citizens. In addition, they must also hold a valid Social Insurance Number. Which is good news for the many foreign workers in the service industry, as it continues to be highly impacted by the pandemic.

BC PNP for Entrepreneurs

Why are so many coming to Canada through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). For starters, its a great opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to start a new life in BC, and to contribute to its growth.
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Why Canada Needs Immigration

Economic immigration in Canada is growing, and its exactly what we need. Find out whats driving the push to bring in highly educated workers.
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Spousal Sponsorship

One of the hardest things in life for many, is too be apart from their significant other. The distance between them feeling as far as the time apart is long. But there are alternatives for those with Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency. We are in fact talking about spousal sponsorship.

A tantalizing prospect for investment immigration.

Investment immigration has become the top choice for many coming to Canada. Foreign invest in Canada grew by 60% form 2017~2018 alone. That's an increase from $32~$51 billion, of which around 60% went to B.C., Ontario, and Quebec.

LMIA for workers to extend permits

Visitors who are currently in Canada and have a valid job offer will be able to apply for an employer-specific work permit and, if approved, receive the permit without having to leave the country.
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Borders may be closed but Canada is still open for business

Canadian government is allowing foreign nationals to entering the country for work as long as they have applied for a valid work permit or letter of introduction (also known as a POE), before boarding a plane to Canada.

Positive Outlook for Skilled Workers Coming to Canada

With 51% of immigration quotas for 2021 set aside for more skilled and financially well-off individuals, Canada seeks to grow its technology sector. Buts what is making so many skilled laborers make the move to Canada so suddenly?

Extending a visitor permit

With airlines such as Air Canada reducing their international network from 53 to 13 locations, and the ever-growing number of Covid-19 cases in major travel hubs such as in the United States, many international travelers may find themselves looking for other options. For some this means staying in Canada longer.
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All About Landing/Post Landing in Canada as a PR

If you are thinking about becoming a permanent resident in Canada…