Canada Citizenship application

Citizenship Application:

There are many benefits to becoming a Canadian citizen. However, there are specific requirements an applicant must meet.

First, the applicant must meet the residency requirements. Generally, one has to be in living in Canada as a permanent resident for 3 of the past five years. However, there are exceptions to this rule, especially if the applicant was a temporary resident beforehand.

There are also language requirements. Our office gets many inquiries on what documents an applicant can use as proof of language ability.

Finally, there is the issue of police certificates from other countries. Generally, if you have been in any other country for six months or more in the last four years, you need a police certificate.

Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for Canadian Citizenship. If so, what documents are required. Our Vancouver Immigration Lawyers are here to help you to fill out your Citizenship Application correctly.

To apply for Citizenship, you must have stayed in Canada for a minimum of four out of the last six years before applying. You also need to demonstrate competence of the official language if you are between the ages of 18-65. Overall you must prove that you have established significant ties with Canada and plan on staying here in the future.

****Rules are changing. 

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