EB2 Visa

Everything you need to know about moving from Canada to the US

Leaving your home and moving to another country is a complex process that entails numerous documents, interviews, check-ups and wait-time. Well, immigrating to the USA from Canada is no

Many residents of Canada move to the United States of America each year for personal, academic, and professional purposes. The USA offers an economically thriving ground with a bigger job market and opportunities for all types of professionals. Additionally, many students move to the US to get an education in the country’s top academic institutes.

Regardless of the purpose, immigration to the US takes into account numerous legal regulations and formalities. We have compiled a brief overview of everything you will need to know about immigrating to the US from Canada.

Moving to the US for employment purposes entails acquiring sponsorship from your hiring employer. Employment skills needed to get a permanent residence in the US falls into three major categories.

• The EB1 category is for professionals with extraordinary abilities in the fields of education, business, arts, science, researchers, athletics, Ph.D. holders, and professors.
• The EB2 category is for professionals with an advanced degree in business, science, and art fields.
• Lastly, EB3 is for skilled workers and professionals who hold a Graduate or Bachelor degree.

Various forms need to be submitted as part of your appeal to reside in the US for employment purposes.

• Your employer is required to provide the ETA-750 form to Department of Labor.
• They also need to submit the form I – 140 to the INS.
• I – 485 form must be filled out and attached to all other documents for you and your family. The compilation should be submitted to the INS. Make sure to also file Advanced Patrol or Travel Document and Employment Authorization Document.

Legal proceedings such as submission of fingerprints and consular processing interview follows after that. Once all your forms have been approved, you will receive a stamp on your passport along with a plastic Green Card.

Adhering to the same company throughout the process is crucial. In case you take an offer from another company before the process is complete, your new employer will have to restart the process from scratch.

Your family relationships in the US can also sponsor your immigration to the country from Canada. However, specific criteria must be sufficed by them.

• The sponsor must be able to prove their status as a US citizen.
• They must establish their capability of supporting you at 125% over the poverty line.
• Applications are only available for the sponsor’s spouse and children. If the applicant is over the age of 21, they can sponsor their siblings and parents.

Even if the applicant and sponsor meet all of the above requirements, they can be denied if they have a communicable disease or a dangerous medical disorder. Applicants who are addicted to drugs will not be granted a Visa, along with the ones have committed terrorist acts or serious crimes. Former Nazi war criminals and members of totalitarian parties are not given entry to the US either.

In case you do not have an employment opportunity or family members in the US you can try your luck at an annual lottery that is held by the US State Department. They randomly select 50,000 qualified applicants who are given a chance to get a green card. If chosen, applicants can bring their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 along.