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How Long Does the Canada Immigration Process Take

In 2017, just under 273,000 people immigrated to Canada. For many people, they had been waiting for years to be able to come. Processing time for immigrating to Canada varies, and it depends under which program you are immigrating under, where you are coming from, and what your circumstances are. Here is a list of current averages for processing time, though it needs to be noted that immigration processing times can vary depending on a lot of factors.

Study Permit

For people coming to Canada to study the time it takes to get a visa is significantly shorter than someone looking to immigrate permanently. The best case scenario for processing times are four to six weeks, but it can also take up to 20 weeks depending on the country you are applying from. When applying for a study permit the best thing to do is apply as early as you can before the start of the academic year. The longer you leave it, the higher the volume of applications and the longer the delays may be.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

If you have completed your schooling in Canada and are looking to stay on a work permit, you have two options: online and paper-based. Depending on which option you go with it will affect the length of time your application takes to process. Applications made online take approximately 50 days to process while paper-based applications take around 105 days to process.

Express Entry

An express entry to Canada includes the following programs: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, and some Provincial Nominee Programs. Processing time for an express entry, in approximately 4 out of every 5 cases, takes around six months to process from the time it is received. This does not include the time that it takes to submit your profile to immigrate, nor does it take into consideration the time it takes to receive an Invitation to Apply, which is what enables you to prepare final documentation to submit your application formally.

Permanent Resident Card

If you are applying for permanent resident status, then it will take 61 days to process your application. If you are a current permanent resident of Canada and you want to reapply for your permanent resident status, you have to wait for your status to be within nine months of expiration. When you apply for your new status, it will take approximately 71 days to process.

Sponsoring Your Spouse for Permanent Residency

If you are sponsoring your spouse, many factors will affect their ability to become a permanent resident, and you will have to provide documentation that includes proof of the legitimacy of your relationship. It takes approximately one year for their application to go through. It use to be different processing times for whether or not your spouse was inland our outland, but that has been standardized for the most part to a 12 month period.

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