IRCC Commits to 12 Month Processing for Family Sponsorship Applications

The IRCC and the Canadian government are now committed to finalizing new applications for families within 12 months, whether you are in or outside of Canada. They have also changed the way they accept applications to better streamline the process.

As of December 2016, the IRCC is speeding up the process of applying for spousal sponsorship. The new changes will ensure that the majority of the spousal sponsorship applications will be processed and finalized within 12 months, however, some complex cases may need more time to process.

What to do if you are a new applicant

If you are filling out a new spousal, partner or child sponsorship application, you can find all the relevant documents conveniently located on the Canadian government website. The IRCC has a goal to processes at least 80% of the applications they get every year within a 12 month period when they first receive the application.

You will need to fill out the new application package because the Canadian government stopped accepting the old application packages on January 31st, 2017. When you are filling out the new application package, you have to make sure that you include and fill out all the documents listed on the checklist. If you fail to include the required documents, your application won’t be accepted by the IRCC and it will be sent back to you stating you didn’t include all the specific forms.

What to do if you have already applied

If you sent in a spousal, partner or child sponsorship in 2017 when the new changes were introduced, you won’t have to wait an extra 12 months for your application to be finalized. The IRCC processes the applications they receive in the order that they get them. If you are reaching the 12 month time frame and you haven’t heard back from your application there are a few things you can do. The first is to make sure your information is up to date on the Canadian government website. The second thing you should do is attach your application to your online account so you can get better access and communication using the internet.

Additional information for applicants

If you ever receive any sort of communication from the IRCC regarding your application, it’s important that you get back to them as quickly as you can. Sometimes they may ask you for more information so they can better finalize your application. If you are cooperative and respond to their requests in a quick manner, their process for approving your spousal, partner or child sponsorship application will go a lot faster.

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