New Rules for Immigrating to Canada 2018

Are you thinking about immigrating to Canada in 2018? There are a few new things you need to know and consider when you are applying to get your Canadian Permanent Residency as the Canadian government has altered their immigration rules. Please read below carefully so you are well aware of these changes and can proceed to apply for your PR status accurately.

2018 Canadian Immigration Changes

If you are a new applicant to immigrate to Canada, please read these new rules to ensure you can qualify for your PR status. Some of these changes may not be relevant to you right now, but they are still good to know if something happens between now and the time you apply.

New Changes to the Dependent Child Age

As of October 24th, 2017, the new dependent child age is now under 22 as set by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Previously, the dependent child age was under 19. If you have a child under the age of 22, you can include them in your Canadian PR application.

Changes to the Conditional Permanent Residence Rule

There used to be a ‘conditional permanent rule’ that made some sponsored partners stay with their sponsoring partner for a minimum of two years, but that rule has been cancelled for 2018.

Changes to the Express Entry

One of the most used ways to immigrate into Canada is the Federal Express Entry System. If you want to use this system, you should be aware of some of the new rules set in place by the Canadian government on June 6th, 2017.
1. If you have siblings in Canada and you are applying for your Canada PR through express entry, you can now get 15 more CRS points.
2. If you are applying through express entry and you can speak French, you can receive up to 30 more CRS points depending on how fluent you are.
3. It is no longer mandatory to create an account on the Canada job bank if you are applying through express entry.

More Information about the Express Entry System

If you are unaware of the Express Entry System to immigrate to Canada, read on to learn more. It is based on points in certain categories you get which is called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking
System). Here are the categories you can get points to increase your CRS.


If you are between the age of 18-35, you are eligible to get the maximum amount of CRS points. You can still get points if you are over 35, but they will be lower and decrease as you age.


You can gain points by how educated you are. If you have completed a higher education, you will get more points than if you only completed high school.


If you have a lot of experience in the workforce, you can get a better score on your CRS. Generally, if you have three or more years of work experience, you will get more points.


One of the best ways to get points in your CRS is to have good English and/or French language skills. You can always take tests like IELTS to increase your knowledge.

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