The Government of Canada defines a permanent resident as, “A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen”. This does not include students or foreign workers.

These residence may live and work in Canada and are subject to the same taxation as Canadian citizens. These residence may also access the free Canadian health care system, work or study anywhere in Canada, and receive most Canadian benefits among other things.

However, permanent resident do not hold the right to vote or to run in political elections within Canada.

Common mistakes & requirements

Although the process of renewing your Permanent Resident card may seem straight forward, but there are common mistakes applicants make in many submission.

For instance, permanent resident cannot submit their renewal application outside of Canada. If your PR card is still valid and you are out of the country, you must return to Canada and then submit your application.

If your card is expired, you cannot return to Canada unless you get a Permanent Resident Travel Document from your local embassy. Another common mistake is not having the “signature date” of the application match your travel history. For example, if you are signing an application on July 1, 2020, then the period under “travel history” must be from July 1, 2015, to July 1, 2020.

Most people know that the most important rule in renewing a permanent resident card is that the applicant must reside in Canada for at least 2 of the past five years. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If those exceptions don’t apply to you, you could apply to renew your card under Humanitarian and Compassionate circumstances.

Did you know, you have to wait until nine months prior to the expiry of your PR Card to apply for renewal? Are you going to renew your Permanent Residency and apply for pr card renewal? Please note that you must have stayed in Canada for two out of the last five years. Our office can process you PR renewal urgently if you have a trip in the near future. Urgent renewal has an average processing time of one month while regular processing times are on average six months.

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Lottery For Sponsoring Parents and Grandparents

Effective October 13th, the Government of Canada will implement a lottery system for sponsoring parents and grandparents. There will be a three week window for those interested in this program to submit their applications of interest. Following this applicants will be drawn from the lottery to be able to apply for a sponsorship. Those chosen will have 60 days to apply. In addition these spots have been reduced from 20,000 last year to only 10,000 this year, with the remainder added to next years intake of 30,000.
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Canada to Loosen Border Restrictions

Canadian Government will be changing its restrictions on international student entry into the country. Plans to reopen the borders to international students.
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Faster Spousal Sponsorship

There's good news for those apply for spousal sponsorship this year. The IRCC announced on September 24th, that they will be increasing the amount of decisions made to 49,000 by the end of the year. This means 6000 applications processed per month by December.