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Quick Ways to Immigrate to British Columbia in 2018

British Columbia is a hot spot for immigrants from all over the world, with Vancouver topping the list for the high-quality life. It has one of the best climates in Canada. The city is pristine, fringed with beautiful beaches and snow-capped mountains. The crime rate is low; public transport is one of the best; it is strewn with diverse cuisine, festivals, sports facilities and many conveniences. If you are considering immigration, a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) from British Columbia allows you Express Entry. Take a look at how you can go about it.

2018 Immigration Rules for Express Entry to British Columbia

1. How to Apply for Express Entry: In 2016, the IRCC lowered the points to allow qualified professionals to enter Canada with an active job offer through Express Entry. Like other provinces, BC followed suit by reducing its immigration requirements to allow more skilled professionals from diverse industries. Currently, Express Entry governs the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled
Trades Program (FSTP) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
The procedure involves::
● Create an Express Entry Profile online through the British Columbia PNP
● Ensure all information is accurate, verified by proper documents
● Fill out British Columbia under preferences

2. Express Entry Job Pool: Once you create the PNP Express Entry profile, you automatically enter the Job Pool database. You can start your job hunt by looking through suitable vacancies.  Canadian employers can look up your immigration profile. This gives you valuable extra points. If you are suitable, they are allowed to contact you for further discussions. Entering this way saves you the financial and emotional hassles of uncertain periods of unemployment.

3. How to apply for PNP in BC: Here is how you can apply for PNP in BC.
● Visit the BC immigration website. Create a profile with all the required details. There may be costs incurred for the application. For the exact cost or guidance, we advise you to consult our authorities at Taraz Immigration.
● The regulations are specific to each region. Make sure you check out the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program and keep an eye out for updates. Regulations are subject to change without advance notification. For PNP application for BC without a job offer, consult our experts.
● If you receive PNP from BC, you score 600 points on your Express Entry profile that qualifies you for the Express Entry bi-weekly (once every 15 days) draws. On selection, you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) which allows you to apply within 90 days for a Canadian Permanent Resident visa from the IRCC.
● Your PR visa gives you one year to move to Canada.

4. Payment Details: Once you apply for PR, you need to submit an amount of $490 CAD to procure it. If your family plans to join you, you need to pay for each member too. Next, you have to arrange finances to support yourself in Canada. You will need to produce bank documents, bank statements and anything else required to complete the procedure. You will also need medical and police clearance.

5. Student Visa: If you do not qualify under PNP, you can consider the student visa. The Study -2-Immigrate program helps you arrive as an international student, after which you can transition from temporary student to a Canadian Permanent Resident.

6. Family or Spousal Sponsorship: If you have a spouse or a child of 18 years or older studying or working in Canada as a PR or citizen, the country allows you to join them as a Permanent Resident, provided they are able to sponsor you.

Taraz Immigration for Express Entry to British Columbia in 2018

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